I have suffered from work related stress and anxiety for a number of years now. I have tried a number of different treatments but nothing has worked a well as Bowen. I always leave relaxed and stress free and my anxiety is much more manageable now. I would highly recommend South Eastern Bowen.


 I would highly recommend South Eastern Bowen Therapy. Every time I have been treated here I have walked out feeling a million bucks. Kelsy has the magic touch. Last visit I was suffering from a bad back and unable walk and when I woke up in the morning I was fixed. Can’t recommend her enough! Convenience of the room in Frankston is excellent.
Thank you.


Kelsy is very professional and I feel very comfortable in her hands. She has fixed my stomach and neck problems! I highly recommend for anyone who is sore to go have a Bowen Therapy session!! I love going to her treatment room in Frankston it's so relaxing.

Thanks so much

Georgia (Equine)

Kelsy has come out to do all my horses. Ranging from foals to grade 2/ prelim eventer. She was able to treat the issues they had and tightness too. They looked/ felt so much better after their treatment. I highly recommend Kelsy and Bowen Therapy and will always have her number on call for any issues/ worries i have!

Kim (Equine)

I have had Kelsey out to treat my two horses, not only was she was punctual (even with me being a long way from Frankston)and professional but my youngster (who had never been treated before) loved Bowen Therapy. Kelsey did an excellent job of identifying my older mare's issues (without me telling her the problems) and helping to give her relief. With the techniques Kelsey showed me my youngster's roached back has corrected as he's grown and I'm keen to book her in again for both my guys despite their very different needs. Thanks Kelsy!

Jacqui (Equine)

Kelsy has the magic touch.. just ask my horse Banjo! He has had a sore shoulder unable to canter for a month. I had Kelsy out and without saying anything to her she knew banjos injuries and could read him so well .. only 2 Bowen Therapy sessions and I've got a happy horse who can finally canter again. I highly recommend Kelsy, amazing to watch her work with the horse, so caring, gentle & professional.

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