Bowen Therapy works by activating the bodies natural ability to heal itself. This is done with specific manoeuvres over fascia, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

To be able to get the most out of each day we need to be feeling our best, that's where Bowen Therapy can help.

Bowen can also be used safely during all stages of pregnancy.

Infants & Children


 Infants and children can also benefit greatly from Bowen Therapy. 

Bowen Therapy can successfully treat a variety of symptoms and difficulties such as feeding difficulties, digestive problems such as colic, birth trauma and sleeping problems. Babies and children respond much quicker to Bowen treatment than adults and often significant improvement is seen after the first treatment.

Treatments in Cranbourne and Frankston South



 Bowen Therapy is a holistic approach, that treats the horses entire body and is a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Depending on the horses condition to begin with, two or three treatments, at weekly intervals, would generally be required to achieve optimum results. Follow up treatments would be required depending on the horses response to the initial treatments. 

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